We’re family focused and future driven.

We are a family owned business and we plan to keep it that way. 

Who We Are

We're a father and son duo and have been farmers for many years. We understand what new laws and regulations mean to your bottom dollar. HOG FUEL NZ provides solutions to forestry waste and land clearance while simultaneously producing carbon neutral fuel, wood chip supply for anything from your calf shed to your playground, mulch and compost. It’s about taking something otherwise wasted, and turning it into something clean, ecofriendly, and even profitable.





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You know us for our Morbark 3400XT Wood Hog- but our Kobleco tree shear and ASV-RT120F Denis Cimaf Mulcher are also essential parts of this awesome team, ready to tackle any kind of obstacle.

Click the images below for some of our before and afters.

Our Vision


On top of creating a profitable fuel source for local factories and hospitals, or chips for your garden, calf shed, or local playground, we can also just turn your mess into mulch. When green waste is mulched, it plays an important part in enriching soil, holding moisture, and keeping away plant disease and pests. It creates beneficial bacteria and fungi that helps the organic matter break down and reduces methane emissions. 


Hogfuel is wood energy or biomass, that is made from wood waste or forestry residue, it captures carbon that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere through decomposition and utilises it to produce energy. When this wood biomass is used to fuel industrial processes or heat buildings instead of fossil fuels, like coal and diesel, carbon emissions are further reduced. Forest biomass is a sustainable, renewable, carbon neutral energy source. How exciting is that! Its use as fuel is cost-comparable to fossil fuels and conversions of industrial plants to wood energy will help New Zealand transition to a low-emissions and sustainable future


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