Meet the Morbark Wood Hog 3400XT

hog fuel 1.jpeg
Our Vision

We all want to see a more sustainable New Zealand. Well, at HOG FUEL NZ, we aren’t just sitting back and hoping for the best. Our wood chipping services and HOG FUEL have the power to enable our country to stop relying on fossil fuel to run big factories. We’re about to change people’s mindsets on burning green waste and air pollution. 

We have a massive resource in New Zealand in the forestry sector that currently does not get utilised- that is: forestry and orchard slash. With the right tools, this slash can be turned into HOG FUEL. This can then be burnt in a high temperature furnace to create energy to run factories. It’s a sustainable energy source that would usually just rot on the hill side. HOG FUEL is also considered carbon neutral because of the offset by the new trees planted. Also when HOG FUEL is burnt in a furnace the ash output is only around 5%.

Our Solution

Our solution to your mulching, forestry and orchard clearing, and energy source woes is to provide the right machinery for the job. We have done extensive research and have found the portable hogger (Morbark 3400xt) to come out on top.  This machine can be turned into a chipper if needed but also separates any foreign materials- steel is separated by a magnet and collected in a bin that can then be recycled later on.


We plan to be active on slash sites and orchards in our location with our portable unit, producing HOG FUEL for our local factories. We will be utilizing a resource that would otherwise be wasted to rot or be washed down to wreak havoc in floods.


We plan to have a site where people can bring their carbon products to be recycled, turned into mulch and then resold in many different forms.

Our Services

HOG FUEL NZ provides machinery for a wide range of applications.


An area we see our machinery excelling is in orchard clearing. Currently, if you want your fruit trees out, you would need to wait for winter to get a fire permit and it would be an extremely messy, timely, costly and labour-intensive project. Now, our team can come in anytime of year and have that land completely cleared and ready for its new use in no time at all.


The wood provided by the trees we rip out can be mulched and then be turned into clean fuel. The demand for this fuel is already high and growing. In the bay will be used to fuel Hawke's Bay's biggest energy consumer, third only to Hastings and Napier City.